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Priority features 18-karat gold pendants, which are trending in today's market as can be the puppets pendants of Fatima Hand, the tree of life, crescent, ball of the world, infinites and custom infinites with name, also the original paddle pendants, gold bike, tennis racket or pendants for communions such as gold crosses, gold medals, virgin medal, etc.

All our jewelry items are worked with great care to take care of the finishes, and are not very bulky products to get also an acceptable price and to be able to boast of being the cheapest online jewelry that factory in 18 carat gold.

In addition, if you do not find the product you are looking for, or you find one that you love but does not convince you, or even want to suggest changes in the color of gold or the design of the piece, do not hesitate to ask us, and we will try to make possible what you want.

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Showing 193 - 215 of 215 items


The gold pendants are a sure bet for any occasion. As defined, a pendant is an ornament that hangs from a jewel, usually from a necklace, necklace, or earring. In this section of our online jewelry we are going to talk about pendants in necklaces. At Priority we have a wide catalog for all types of women and girls. Regardless of the time of the year we are in or the event you have to attend, we have an 18k gold pendant for you. Simple or more sophisticated, our pendants for women are always personalized pendants, unique and differentiated for you. In this line of exclusivity, if you want to give a gold pendant, these are our categories.

Mother’s Day necklaces: Mother's Day is a special and unique time of the year. In Spain it is celebrated on the first Sunday of each May and has a popular and commercial character. That day we remind our mothers that they are special to us and what a better way to do it than with a jewel. At Priority we have an exclusive category of Mother's Day Necklaces. There we have our gold mom necklace. Like all our products, it is made of 18 carat gold 1st grade gold and has an adjustable chain. The mom necklace is special, you can choose the one that comes with a heart or a pacifier, in addition to decorating it with a zircon if you wish. In our online store you can also find gold jewelry for mothers, as special as some little pieces that you can engrave, different dolls for girls or boys to carry your children always with you or pendants with initials.

Necklaces for couples: The couple's day is every day, but we must recognize that Valentine's Day is important in the calendar of love. The Valentine pendants are famous in all couples. If you want to surprise your boy or girl, give him a gold pendant that reflects your love. For example, the infinity pendant that reflects the eternity of your link; the double circle pendant to show that you are attached or the heart one to remind you how much you love him. All our pendants for couples are made of First Law gold (18 carats) and are customizable, because each couple is unique and special. Choose the pendant for your partner and tell us what you want to record, and we will manufacture it for you and take it directly to your home. We know it is a special gift, that's why we take care of even the smallest detail in our packaging. We assure you that your partner will love it!

Necklaces for girls: At Priority we also offer Gold Girls Necklaces. Mainly for Communion girls. The Communion pendants are a key piece for such a special day for girls and boys. For girls, the most demanded jewel is the Virgin Girl pendant and in our online jewelry we have it in different models. Virgin girl pendant gold with mother of pearl, engraved virgin girl pendant, bicolor virgin girl pendant in white and yellow gold ... All the pendants for your girl's communion we have in Priority Jewelry and we customize them for you.

In addition to special people pendants, in our catalog we also offer a wide variety of trendy pendants in 18k gold. Here we highlight the new ones.

Tree of life pendant: The tree of life pendant is one of the most popular among women's jewelry. This symbol reflects the transition of life and is closely related to its philosophical meaning. Thus, the hard roots of the tree of life represent birth and its different branches represent lived experiences. Therefore, it is closely related to strong people and is a perfect gift for a vital woman who would like to remind you how much you love her. The Gold Tree of Life Pendant is a safe bet. Whether in bicolor, with colored zircons or with a mother-of-pearl background, at Priority we have it for you. In addition to the type, you can choose the length or thickness of the chain. In our online jewelry store we have 18k gold chains of different thickness and with a length of 40cm adaptable to 45cm.

Initial pendant: the first letter of your name, the name of your children or that of your partner is a unique and special jewel. At Priority we have two types of initial pendant. On the one hand there is the serif typeface in the round and on the other the italic. You can choose the initial that best suits your personality. They all have an18 carat gold adjustable chain, from 40cm to 45cm. If you have doubts about how your initial pendant in gold would look, you can consult us and we will send you a sketch.

World map pendant: The gold pendant with a world map is for those who like to travel the world from end to end, for those who love to travel, explore other places and learn about other cultures. For all of them a pendant with the globe ball is the ideal gift. In our jewelry website we have this type of pendant made of 18 carat gold and with details that take care of the preparation to the maximum, delimiting each corner of the earth and capturing it in gold.

Hand of Fatima pendant or “Hasam”: the hand of Fatima is a symbol linked to different religions. From Muslim to Christian, Jewish or Islamic. All use this symbol as a lucky charm for fertility, prudence or fidelity. So, if you want to wish the best to your favorite person, give him a hand of fatima pendant in 18 carat gold. Carved or with bottom, choose the one you like the most in our jewelry.

In short, at Priority we have a wide range of 18k gold pendants and customizable pendants for you or to give to that ideal person. As a mother, sister, partner or friend, give her a gold pendant and make her feel special to you.

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