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In Priority Online Jewelry we present our necklaces. These are necklaces that fit the neck so they are very elegant and make any look a more arranged style. All of them are made in 18k gold and are combinable so check out the page and don't miss any of our original designs.

In addition, many of our pieces are customizable, so if you choose one with space for engraving, you will have to tell us what you want us to put in order to make this gift, a VERY special one.

If you have any doubts, please contact us! And we will help you with everything you need.

Showing 1 - 84 of 84 items
Showing 1 - 84 of 84 items


The 18K Gold Neckaces are one of the top products at Online Jewelry Priority. A necklace gives a woman or a man a style that sets it apart from the rest. Necklaces are different from gold pendants. The necklace is a gold chain or another material that is closer to the neck and may have some characteristic details. For example, a necklace with stars, with charms or different elements that we will explain later.

The pendants, meanwhile, are those that consist of a chain and a supplement that hangs from it, as indicated by its name. In our online jewelry we have a wide catalog of customizable pendants and our workshop team can manufacture the pendant that you want. In other words, if you have something in mind, contact us and we will create it exclusively for you. That said, once the difference between necklaces and pendants has been defined, we are going to show you the pendants and fashion necklaces that we have in our catalog of jewelry, all made of 18k gold.

Name Necklaces: The name necklace in gold is one of our star products. It is in our offer of cheap gold necklaces, customizable and made for you. It is fully customizable, you can choose the font, the length of the chain or if you want or not some detail with zirconia. Also, if instead of yellow gold you like more the white gold name necklace, we have it available in our online store. You only have to choose the characteristics and we will take it home in a maximum period of 72 hours.

In addition to the unique name, we have children name pendants. This type is made of an infinity necklace with two names, where you can choose the name of your partner or your children and wear it on the neck with a delicate gold jewel.

There are people who, instead of wearing their full name, like more an initial necklace. For this reason, in our line of fashion necklaces, we have the type of necklaces with initials. The initial font can be chosen by you, although by default we have 2 types: cursive and round. The most demanded is the letter of the name of that special person that you always want to remember, but there are also initials that remember a place or a month and that, without a doubt, wearing them in 18-carat gold is always a good choice.

Without a doubt, the necklace with a name is one of the most fashionable necklaces, as well as the star necklaces. From 5 or 6 pointed stars, crescent, circles or tears, in Jewelry Online Priority we have all these types of 18k gold necklaces with different motifs. Like the name necklace, the length of the chain is adjustable. We have chains of 45 centimeters, adjustable to 40 cm, in addition to various thicknesses, so you can choose the thickness that you like the most.

Within the Priority necklaces, we also highlight:

  • Galaxy Neckace:
    Estos son unas gargantillas de moda en las que se combinan estrellas, lunas, planetas.
  • Colored zircons Necklace:
    este tipo es muy demandado porque es uno de los collares de las famosas que más se llevan ahora. Por ejemplo, es uno de los complementos estrella entre los colgantes de las colaboradoras de Sálvame o las gargantillas más bonitas de las influencers. Están formados por charms y circonitas de colores. Como siempre, tenemos algunos tipos en catálogo, pero tú puedes hacer tu gargantilla personalizable con los motivos que más te gusten o los tonos que más vayan contigo. El precio de estas no varía.
  • Tree of Life Necklace : Existen varias formas de este tipo de collar de oro, con el árbol grabado con nombre, con fondo satinado o sin fondo, árbol de la vida con nácar o árbol con circonitas. Todos son fabricados en oro de 18k para que perdure en el tiempo y te acompañe siempre. El diseño está cuidado hasta el más mínimo detalle, porque en este tipo de joyas los detalles marcan la diferencia y la calidad.
  • Necklace with cross:
    The cross, in personalized jewelry, is no longer attached to a religious meaning. Cross necklaces are Fashion Necklaces for Young Women. They are ideal when mixed with other gold pendants. In addition to the necklaces, we also have cross pendants, but this type has a more religious or classic meaning.

In short, we have all the 18-carat gold necklaces you can imagine, because we make custom necklaces for you. If you are looking for some best friend necklaces or a necklace for mom, in our online jewelry we have it for you. You can choose the length of the chain, the engraving or the detail that you like the most, order it from us and we will send it to you by secure mail and with an ideal packaging.

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