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Gold earrings  

At Priority Online Jewelry, we also offer a wide range of gold earrings. There is a wide range of earrings among which you will find from earrings to wear on a daily basis, to very sophisticated earrings for special occasions. However, all the pieces are very economical despite being made of 18 karat gold, an attribute that characterizes us.

In addition, we have customizable and combinable gold earrings, as is the case with gold hoop earrings with different accessories among which you can find infinities, crosses, moons, hearts, etc.

Your online jewelry is Priority. If you do not find the gold earring you are looking for, write to us and we will do our best to get it.

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Showing 1 - 96 of 104 items


The gold earrings are those jewels that complement us, that we wear every day and on any occasion. That is why at Online Jewelry Priority we offer you a wide catalog of 18-carat gold earrings. Among the wide variety of jewelry that you can find in our catalog you will find yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, bicolor gold earrings or a combination thereof, tricolor gold (yellow gold, rose gold and white gold). We have more than 60 different models of gold earrings for women. All our pieces are made of 18 carat gold and made in Spain. Also, remember that we can make any gold earring in the type of gold you want.

Our team of jewelers have many years of experience in manufacturing the best quality jewelry, constantly seeking the greatest innovation for making gold jewelry that will last a lifetime. All our gold earrings are shipped with a certificate that certifies the quality and certification of 18k gold.


As you already know, in our catalog you can find women's gold earrings with different designs, we propose a wide variety of designs for your daily life, among which you will find women's earrings with a heart shape, gold earrings with a cross, tree of life, stars, flowers, clover, butterfly, etc

If you are a more classic girl, we offer you gold earrings with zircons. Women's zirconia earrings are perfect if you want to wear a more classic and elegant look. Remember that we have zircon earrings of many styles in yellow gold and white gold. They usually have a pressure lock or nut lock.

If you like to be fashionable, you cannot miss the gold hoop earrings. They are the gold earrings worn by the famous, some 18-carat gold hoops that never go out of style, and it is a classic piece that matches any look. Not only for your daytime events, but to give that fresh and youthful touch to your evening looks. There are many models of gold hoops, in our catalog you can customize the yellow gold hoop earrings by choosing the charm you like the most. You will be able to choose between your pair of gold hoop earrings among the charms that we put at your disposal. Also, you can get a single hoop as the second ear earring. Our loose gold hoop models have a measurement of 14x14mm and a thickness of 0.80mm. The gold hoop earrings have a “Congo” or “African” clasp. System that is practically only used in gold rings. It consists of a mobile toothpick that is inserted into the other side of the ring. Earrings with a different and striking design that you can wear with all your looks.

There are basic classic gold earrings that your jeweler should not miss, and they are 18 carat gold women's earrings with chaton. Our gold-plated earrings are made up of some pearl earrings with a zirconia set with a snap closure. An earring that you can use both in your day-to-day outfits and for a more special occasion. If you are looking for discreet earrings, this design will make you fall in love.

Most of our gold earrings, have a snap closure, are used for small and medium gold earrings. They are ideal for day to day thanks to their simplicity and ease of carrying. These types of gold earrings for women are made up of a toothpick and a back closure, in this way it is completely attached to the ear.


There are times and occasions when wearing more original gold earrings becomes tradition. That is why from Priority we recommend gold earrings for special occasions.

The gold pearl earrings are those classic earrings that never go out of style and that every girl should have in her jewelry box for an important event. When making our pearl earrings, we use the highest quality natural pearls, which combined with 18-carat gold will result in a jewel of optimum and durable quality. In our catalog you can find different pearl earrings such as the "you and me" earrings, some pearl earrings with zirconia above. You can also find women's earrings with pearl with zircons and natural pearl earrings with carved border. A good option to wear gold and pearl earrings in an elegant and classic look.

The gold long earrings for women are those earrings that every guest wants to wear on special occasions and events. In our catalog of gold earrings you will find those that will best match your dress, shoes and other accessories. We have gold earrings with stones such as blue and pink quartz, in addition to gold earrings with colored zircons. Remember that in Online Priority Jewelry we make personalized jewelry and we can manufacture the earrings in white gold. Whether you are a guest, a bride or you simply want to wear long gold earrings, on our website you will find infinite possibilities for earrings of various types, simple, classic, with stones, etc. Whatever your style is, we have it at Priority.

And finally, the white gold women's earrings. In our catalog we have a variety of white gold earrings. Some women's earrings in white gold with beautiful and simple designs, from white gold earrings with pearls to half-hoop earrings in white gold, which will bring a touch of light to your face.


We also have a wide variety of gold girls earrings and gold baby earrings. We have different designs of gold girl earrings or gold earrings for newborn girl. Like baby gold bear earrings, girl zircon earrings or first post earrings etc. This type of children's earrings have a clasp. This is a clasp for gold earrings mainly aimed at young children or for gold earrings for babies. Its system consists of a toothpick that finally closes by twisting. Thanks to the fact that the hinge does not protrude, it is not uncomfortable, and the small ones will not stick it when sleeping.

We also have gold omega clasp earrings. Although these types of closures are the most used for those people, such as older ladies, who find it more difficult for other types of closures, such as the snap closure, it is also used for children, thus preventing them from losing earrings. This gold earring clasp combines a smooth stud, which goes through the earlobe with another part forming a shovel that presses the earlobe itself with the earring.

At Priority Jewelry Online you can find the best 18k gold women's earrings, as well as a wide variety of white gold. Remember that if you have a personalized jewel idea, we will make it for you! On our website you can buy cheap jewelry made with the best quality in 18k gold.

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