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Gold rings 

In Priority you can find a long selection of very elegant gold rings and ideal for day to day. Our online Jewelry is constantly expanding the catalog, so do not hesitate to take a look every time you have a chance. We have a mini ring, white gold rings, yellow gold rings, all made in 18 karat gold. But above all, what we have is flexibility with our clients to try to adapt to their tastes and needs.

If you want to buy a gold jewel, you are in the right online jewelry, because our entire team turns over with each of the orders we receive. Also, if you don't find the gold jewel you are looking for, don't hesitate to write to us in case we can manufacture it exclusively for you.

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Showing 1 - 96 of 99 items


The gold ring is a complement with centuries of history. It has always been used to decorate the fingers of the hand and make whoever is wearing it a distinguished or current person. In our online jewelry we have a wide catalog of gold rings for all women who like jewelry. Of course, they are all 18 carat gold rings, also known as First Law Gold. But what does 18-carat gold really mean? The first thing is to know what a carat is. That is, the unit of measurement of gold that reflects the amount of gold that a jewel has, being 24 carats of pure gold. With that, the jewels in our jewelry have 18 parts of pure gold. Once we know that Priority women's gold rings are 18k, now we explain that we have gold with different alloys.

White gold rings:That is, a pure gold alloy with another material, usually silver, palladium, or nickel. This type of jewelry is highly demanded by women and men, since they are very useful for different events. Furthermore, they are perfectly combinable with yellow gold jewelry.

Tricolor gold rings: Among this type of ring, one of the best known is the Cartier ring. This is one of the high jewelry brands that has defined many design lines and has marked the history of accessories. Specifically, one of its star products is the tricolor ring with yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Although it is not the same, in Priority we have a tricolor ring ideal for you. Made with the utmost care and with the best characteristics offered by First Law Gold.

These types of alloys can be applied to any of our women's gold rings. Here we are going to present our most distinguished and recommended accessories for you.

  • Engagement Ring
    El Engagement Ring, in our western culture is used to seal the marriage between two people. But did you know why engagement rings are placed on the ring finger? It is placed on that finger of the left hand because, according to history, this is where the amoris vein is, which is the one that connects directly to the heart. Curiosities aside, we like to buy wedding rings that identify us, that are exclusive to each couple. This is where in our online store we can help you, because we personalize or manufacture the jewel as you like. You only have to think about the design, and we make a gold wedding band for your wedding.
  • Ring with love
    Rings with love are the most demanded in today's jewelry, because it is a gift that is always made with the best of intentions. Not only by commitment, you can also give rings for friends, rings for mothers or rings for sisters. The key is that this accessory is modern and goes in relation to the recipient of the gift. For example, the modern gold rings are ideal to give to a friend or sister or, why not, to a current mother who likes fashion. In this line, at Online Jewelry Priority we have arrow rings, heart rings, fine rings, zirconia rings and a wide range designed for you.
  • Stone Ring
    Within this extensive catalog of 18-carat gold jewelry we also have stone rings. Generally, we use zircons, set in different models. This brilliant makes the accessory a special jewel and gives a chic touch to those who wear it. They are fine as the zircon arrow ring, or elegant as the star ring, or delicate as the zircon ring set. All are made of First Law Gold and taking care of even the smallest detail. Our workshop team has years of experience in jewelry and know how to treat each of the materials used in our jewelry.

Once you know our most iconic gold rings for women, we remind you that at Priority you can buy gold rings online. We have for our clients cheap and custom-made gold rings, designed and made for each of you. You just have to ask for it and we will bring it to you in 24-48 hours. Yes, we bring gold rings to your home for you or as a gift. Our packaging takes maximum care of each product so that you receive it in the best conditions.

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